This game was developed by me and my friend Andrea Tincani in 1992-1993, under DOS, using Borland Pascal and assembler for enjoyment (was one of the first game for PC running at resolution of 640x480 at 256 colors...).

After a while we have had some external contact for publishing the game and it was converted in C++ under Windows using Microsoft DirectX libraries.
The game was never published and we have decided to release it as freeware.

We hope that someone like it... :-)


System requirements

  • MsDos (with 2Mb of EMS memory and 580Kb of free memory) for Dos version
  • Windows 95/98/Me, Windows 2000/XP, Vista etc... for Windows version
  • 12 Mb hard disk free space
  • ...
  • uh... a keyboard...
  • ... and a soundcard if you want hear something... :-)

How to play

The scope of the game was very simple.
It's a clone of Puyo Puyo game and you have to defeat your opponent building same color hearts combination.
For every combination (min 4 hearts) the opponent receive some bad hearts.
You can move and rotate hearts.
Using the bomb key you can remove some bad hearts received from your opponent.
To win the game you have to complete 10 worlds.
Every world have 5 levels.
At the end of every world there is a bonus level (try to find the right combination of hearts to gain extra bonus...).

If you press the F1 key in the main menu you'll get an useful (maybe...) help screen!